Hello Matt!

I was racking my brain on what I could get you for your birthday this year. I was trying to be creative this time. So…I thought as you get ready to finish up school and you think about next steps, why not have your own corner on the web to play with.

Now, there’s no obligation to use this particular design, but if you want, all the source code is available. I just cloned and modified a theme someone already made. Also, I obviously purchased this domain which I would love to transfer to you if you want it. If not, I’ll put it on the market and see if I can sell it to the highest bidding Matt Dilbeck ;-)

You should feel free to do whatever you want with your corner of the web. But I hope you can post your creative works, writings, musings or whatever you want to here.

If you do nothing with it–but I hope you do–well then it’s still a fancy digital birthday card made with love.

I hope your next year is filled with friends, love and opportunity.